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Functional thin films and surface nano-engineering (FunSurf)

The leading activity of FunSurf team is the chemical synthesis of functional materials engineered at different dimensions (i.e. thin films, nanostructures, nanowire networks) to realize innovative devices or to develop advanced surface functionalities.
Our common approaches are based on the development of synthesis processes, on the exploitation of specific shaping of material like nanowires networks and on the understanding by physical modeling and simulation.


Research axis

Within applied and fundamental studies we focus on optimizing the synthesis and properties of functional nanomaterials through the control and fundamental understanding of growth mechanisms, structure-properties relationships, reactions at interfaces and functionalization processes.


  • 09
    The paper "Resonant waveguide grating fabrication on planar and cylindrical substrates using a photosensitive TiO2 sol-gel approach" has been published in Optical Material Express
  • 27
    The paper "Dynamic degradation of metallic nanowire networks under electrical stress: a comparison between experiments and simulations" has been published in Nanoscale Advances
  • 24
    The paper "Role played by the nanowire/nanowire junctions in the electrical properties of semiconductor percolating silicon nanowire networks" has been published in Journal of Applied Physics


Date of update January 8, 2021

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