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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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Proposals of PhD Thesis / Propositions de thèses

Each year the LMGP welcome several new PhD students in fields ranging from physics to nano-bio-sciences.
Optimization of high performance nano-architectured electrode/electrolyte bilayers for reversible Solid Oxide Cells
How to apply ?
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  • Write directly to the "contact person"of the chosen offer
  • Apply spontaneously by e-mail
In either case, thank you to send us your CV and a cover letter.

Practical information
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How to get a thesis contract ?

Are you curious ?
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Do not hesitate to consult the topics of PhD's thesis previously defended at the LMGP

Doctoral schools of the University of Grenoble

Our laboratory is mainly linked to 2 Doctoral schools of this Collegium :
  • ED_I-MEP2 (Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Energy, Environment and Process Engineering)
  • ED_Physics (Physics)

Date of update May 15, 2023

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