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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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Internship Proposals / Offres de stages

Every year, the lab hosts many students (PFE, Master Degree, Licence, DUT / IUT) for an internship, usually experimental, in fields ranging from physics to nano-bio-sciences.
See subjects of intenships carried during previous years (Link in the inset below).


Please send by e-mail :
  • CV
  • Cover letter

Interships of previous years

Offers for the academic year are published progressively below.

Master M1 / M2/ PFE Internship offers 2020-2021

SUJET (Clicf to download the offer) Supervisors
Surface adsorption and auto-organisation of naturally “sticky” proteins (post filled) Denis ROUSSEAU/
Charlotte Vendrely
Synthesis of lamellar metal dichalcogenides by a Molecular Layer Deposition route with atomic level control by in situ characterization techniques (post filled) Hubert Renevier
Transparent Electrodes based on Silver Nanowire Networks: Fundamental properties, stability and integration into devices (post filled) Daniel Bellet
Laetitia Bardet
Transparent and flexible electrodes based on silver nanowire networks: Fundamental properties, stability and integration into energy harvesting devices (post filled) Daniel Bellet
Dorina T. Papanastasiou
Deposition of oxide thin films via Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition: in search of high quality oxide semiconductors for electronic and optoelectronic applications (post filled) David Muñoz-Rojas
Abdou Sekkat
Fidel Toldra Reig
Deposition of metal oxide and metal-organic frameworks thin films via spatial atomic layer deposition and liquid-phase atomic layer deposition (post filled) David Muñoz-Rojas
Chiara Crivello
Octavio Granel
Optimization of a Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition system by simulation (post filled) David Muñoz-Rojas
Masoud Akbari
Design of a setup for actuation and measurement of a cantilever-based gas sensor (post filled) David Muñoz-Rojas
Masoud Akbari
Powering the Internet of things - characterization of micro-Solid Oxide Cell electrodes  (post filled) Alexander Stangl
Monica Burriel
Unraveling the resistive switching response of Metal / La1-xSrxMnO3 / Pt devices (post filled) Monica Burriel
Development of transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) for integration in invisible electronic devices (post filled) Jean-Luc Deschanvres
Lorenzo Bottiglieri

Date of update February 12, 2021

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