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Growth and characterization of physical properties of transparent and conductive FTO layers and development of new concepts based on these layers.

Non permanent staff
  • Shanting Zhang (PhD student)
  • Viet-Huong Nguyen (PhD student)
  • Thomas Cossuet (PhD student)
  • Getnet Kacha Deyu (PhD student)
  • Soraya Lahkdar (PhD student)
  • César Masse de la Huerta (PhD student)
  • Université de Nantes (France), Dr. Y. Pellerin
  • University of Darmstadt (Germany), Dr. A. Klein
  • INES (CEA-Liten), Dr. D. Muñoz
  • Tyndall Institute (Cork, Ireland), Mircea Modreanu


The growth, structural, electrical and optical properties of FTO thin layers are thoroughly investigated within the team. FTO layers with physical properties at the-state-of-the-art can be grown with size larger than 100 cm2. The carrier mobility and crystallographic texture have thoroughly been investigated [1,3]. We also demonstrated that novel hazy ZnO-SnO2:F nanocomposite films can be fabricated via a simple two-step process. In this approach, polycrystalline FTO thin films are grown by atmospheric spray-pyrolysis on previously spin-coated made 3D substrates, featuring randomly distributed ZnO nanoparticle aggregates. By changing the initial spin-coated solution concentration, light scattering efficiency can be readily modulated over a large range of Haze factor. Our nano-composite thin films demonstrate excellent electro-optical properties compatible with energy applications by using low-cost and simple growth methods.

Schematic illustration of the two-step process related to the fabrication of the ZnO-SnO2:F nanocomposite thin film
(from Giusti et al,
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2014.

Main publications

S. Zhang, Shan-Ting, M. Foldyna, H. Roussel, V. Consonni, E. Pernot, L . Schmidt-Mende, L. Rapenne, C. Jimenez, J.L. Deschanvres, D. Munoz-Rojas, D. Bellet.
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G. Giusti, V. Consonni, E. Puyoo, D. Bellet,
High Performance ZnO-SnO2:F nanocomposite transparent electrodes for energy applications, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6 (2014) 14096-14107.

Szkutnik, P. D., H. Roussel, V. Lahootun, X. Mescot, F. Weiss and C. Jiménez,
Study of the Functional Properties of ITO grown by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition from different Indium and Tin PrecursorsJournal of Alloys and Compounds 604:(2014) 268–273. 

V. Consonni, G. Rey, H. Roussel, B. Doisneau, E. Blanquet, D. Bellet
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