The Materials and Physical Engineering Laboratory (LMGP) is a research laboratory in materials science and materials for biomedical engineering.

The LMGP, a joint Research Unit (UMR 5628) of CNRS and Grenoble Alpes University (UGA), and associated to Grenoble INP - UGA, is located on the Minatec campus in the buildings of the engineering school PHELMA (Physics, Electronics, Materials).

Its own equipment and the support of three high-level research platforms (Materials Characterization Center of Grenoble INP, Interuniversity Centre of Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies, Upstream Technology Platform) provide LGMP researchers with the technical resources they need.

LMGP develops functional materials for applications in the fields of microelectronics, energy, and health and thus participates in applied research, in close relationship with companies.

The laboratory benefits from a wide network of partners. In materials science and nanosciences, the close links built with other Grenoble laboratories are firmly established via our participation in both the CEMAM and MINOS Centers of excellence and in the Nanosciences Foundation. Its intense activity in the field of tissue engineering has also led LMGP to create close links with various renowned research institutes in biology.

With about fifty researchers, lecturers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff, the laboratory welcomes every year about 60 students and non-permanent researchers at all levels: internships (IUT, Master ...), PhD theses, post-doctoral stays, invited researchers and professors.