LMGP - Recherche Equipe Funsurf


 This research addresses two objectives:
- to explore different soft chemistry synthesis methods in liquid solution and to study/optimize reaction mechanisms ;
- to attach species formed in solution on various supports (silicon, glasses, stainless steels, metals, polymers, textiles…) and to prospect/exploit derived surface functionalities.

Studied functionalities arise from:
i/ the nature of species formed in solution in relation to the synthesis methods: inorganic or hybrid organic/inorganic (O/I) polymeric species by sol-gel process, oxide nanoparticles (NPs) and nanowires (NWs) by hydrothermal synthesis, metal NPs by photochemistry, semiconducting 2D/3D nanoscale networks (nanonets) by liquid processing of NWs…
ii/ the structuration of functionalized surfaces by lithographic methods based on the development of specific procedures: sol-gel inorganic or hybrid O/I resists for photolithography, (photo-)nanoimprint, colloidal (photo-)lithography… 


Investigations are conducted following 3 lines :

Optical Surfaces

Surfaces for Water MAnagement

Biofunctional Surfaces


Michel Langlet 

Permanent staff

David Riassetto
Céline Ternon

current non permanent staff (2018)

- PhD students:
Fanny Morisot, Morgane Bonnel, Nehed Amara
- Post-docs:
Thuy Nguyen, Maxime Legallais, Youngjin Kim

Current collaborators (2018)

- IMEP-LAHC, LTM, LEPMI, LIPhy (Grenoble INP, Université Grenoble Alpes, Université Savoie-Mont Blanc), LabHC (UJM St-Etienne), ICCF (UBC Clermont-Ferrand)
- ENI Sfax (Tunisia), KTH (Sweden), Waterloo University (Canada), University of Pennsylvania (USA), Villanova University (USA)