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Optical Surfaces

Inorganic polymeric sols (e.g. TiO2- or ZnO-based) are formulated through sol-gel procedures to produce thin film resists that can be structured by 1-step photolithographic and/or nanoimprint methods. The studies yield submicronic or nanoscale patterns taking advantage of the specific properties of inorganic materials (optical, electrical, mechanical…). These patterns can be combined with other liquid synthesis methods, for instance the selective growth of ZnO NWs. They are studied for applications in different fields (photovoltaic, thermo-solar, LED lighting, chemical optical sensors…) in collaboration with various academic and industrial partners.

Submicronic diffraction gratings by photo-patterning a TiO2 resist (a), nanoplots by photolithography/nanoimprint coupling on a TiO2 resist (b), selective hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanowires on a photo-patterned ZnO resist (c).


Main publications

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