LMGP - Recherche Equipe Funsurf

Functional materials by vapour chemical growth techniques scalable to large area


The research aims to develop efficient functional materials through the control and development of chemical vapor deposition techniques at atmospheric pressure suitable for large surfaces:

2 approaches are developped:

AACVD – Aerosol Assisted CVD



SALD – Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition



David Muñoz-Rojas 

current non permanent staff (2019)

- PhD students:
Chiara Crivello, Abderrahime Sekkat, Massoud Akbari, Caroline Villardi
- Post-docs:
Andrii Voszni, Fidel Toldrà Reig, Octavio Graniel Tamayo, Punam Murkute

Current collaborators (2019)

  • Thales
  • Xlim
  • IETR
  • Labstic
  • UTT
  • TeOX

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