LMGP - rubrique Laboratoire - Minatec 2022


Quality policy was initiated by the Institut Carnot Energies of the Future for himself and partner laboratories (more information).
It aims to formalize and harmonize best practices of the laboratory and is part of a continuous improvement process.

In LMGP, the certification scope corresponds to "Development of a research contract in the field of advanced functional materials for the health, energy and micro and nano-technologies sectors".

Our quality policy is defined through 6 processes:
  • Management: LMGP strategy, objectives, organization and communication in the framework of research contracts
  • Development of a research contract: from the starting point to post-contract management
  • Financial management of research contracts,
  • Management of human ressources under a research contract
  • Management of material ressources
  • Health and safety

On 1st of March 2013, the LMGP obtained the certification ISO STANDARD 9001-2008, setting up an operational organization structuren, which evolved to ISO 9001- 2015 in 2017. The certificate has beeen renewed in 2019.