Director of Research at CNRS FunSurf Team
LMGP, Grenoble INP - Minatec, 3 parvis Louis Néel, CS 50257, 38016 GRENOBLE Cedex 1, FRANCE
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Activités / CV

Michel LANGLET was born in 1959. He obtained an engineer degree in Physics in 1982 at the Grenoble Institute of Technology and a PhD at the same Institute in 1986. In the same year, he got a permanent CNRS researcher position at LMGP. Since that time, he manages studies in the field of Material Science. He is Director of Research at CNRS since 2004. 

After researches drawn in the logic of previous PhD studies performed at LMGP, ML decided in 1990 to develop a new research thematic in this lab dealing with the deposition of functional coatings through sol-gel chemistry routes. Over the 2000s, the sol-gel method extended progressively to additional wet chemistry approaches (hydrothermal synthesis, photochemistry, nanosphere lithography, wet assembly of nanowires) leading to a new thematic entitled “Wet Chemistry and Surface Functionalization”. Nowadays, since a re-structuration of the lab in 2014, this thematic constitutes one of the four research axes of the FM2N team of LMGP.

Objectives of this research axis are twofold :

  1. to explore different low cost soft chemistry synthesis methods in liquid solution and study/optimize reaction mechanisms in solution
  2. to attach species formed in solution on various supports (silicon, glasses, stainless steels, metals, polymers, textiles…) and prospect/exploit derived surface functionalities.
ML studies are regularly performed in the frame of industrial projects, and have been the object of 20 PhD theses and more than one hundred publications, chapters in books, and patents (Click on the link to view the complete scientific production).

Recent research topics
- Self-cleaning surfaces in indoor or outdoor atmosphere
- Tailored wettability (superhydrophobic, superhydrophilic) surfaces
- Active or passive antibacterial textiles
- Sub-micrometric diffraction gratings for natural or artificial white light processing
- SERS chemo- and bio-sensors
- Functional nanowires architectures for electrical applications


Functional coatings (oxide, nano-composite, hybrid organic/inorganic, or multi-layer), oxide or metal nanoparticles, oxide/metal heterostructures, semiconducting nanowire architectures

Highlight: hydrophobic functionalization by wet chemistry


(Left) Sol-gel non-fluorinated hydrophobic functionalization of a cotton-based textile : water repellence properties (click on image to see the video).
(Right) Transparent and superhydrophobic surface formed by nanosphere lithography : water contact angle ~160°, rolling angle < 1°.

Recent relevant publications

"Morphology-wettability relations in artificially structured superhydrophilic TiO2-SiO2 composite films", C. Holtzinger, B. Niparte, G. Berthomé, D. Riassetto, M. Langlet, J Mater Sci, 48(8) (2013) 3107.

"Fast dynamic interferometric lithography for large sub-micrometric period diffraction gratings production", V. Gâté , G. Bernaud, C. Veillas, A. Cazier, F. Vocanson, Y. Jourlin, M. Langlet, Opt Eng, 52(9) (2013) 091712.

"Superhydrophobic TiO2 coatings formed through a non-fluorinated wet chemistry route", C. Holtzinger, B. Niparte, S. Wächter, G. Berthomé, D. Riassetto, M. Langlet, Surf Sci, 617 (2013) 141.

"Sub-micrometric patterns written using a DIL method coupled to a TiO2 photo-resist”, V. Gâté, Y. Jourlin, F. Vocanson, O. Dellea, G. Vercasson, S. Reynaud, D. Riassetto, M. Langlet, Opt Mater, 35 (2013) 1706.

"High aspect ratio semiconducting nanostructure random networks: highly versatile materials for multiple applications", C. Ternon, P. Serre, G. Rey, C. Holtzinger, P. Periwal, M. Martin, T. Baron, V. Stambouli, M. Langlet, Phys Status Solidi RRL, 7(10) (2013) 919.

"Quaternary ammonium-based composite particles for antibacterial finishing of cotton-based textiles", M. Messaoud, E. Chadeau, P. Chaudouët, N. Oulahal, M. Langlet, J Mater Sci Technol, 30(1) (2014) 19.

"Correlation between sol-gel reactivity and wettability of silica films deposited on stainless steel", M. Houmard, E.H.M. Nunes, D.C.L. Vasconcelos, G. Berthomé, J.C. Joud, M. Langlet, W.L. Vasconcelos, Appl Surf Sci, 289 (2014) 218.

"Controlled growth of silver nanoparticles through a chemically assisted photocatalytic reduction process for SERS substrate applications", L. He, D. Riassetto, P. Bouvier, L. Rapenne, O. Chaix-Pluchery, V. Stambouli, M. Langlet, J Photochem Photobiol A: Chem, 277 (2014) 1.

"New insights in SERS label free detection of DNA on Ag°/TiO2 substrate", L. He, M. Langlet, P. Bouvier, C. Calers, C. M. Pradier, V. Stambouli, J Phys Chem C, 118 (2014) 25658.