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Nanomaterials and Advanced Heterostructures (NanoMAT)

The activity and expertise of the NanoMAT Team are focused on the chemical synthesis and crystal growth of low-dimensional materials (i.e. 2D and nanolamellar materials, ultra-thin films, nanowires, nanostructures, …) and their combination into innovative heterostructures. Our investigations aim at elucidating the nucleation and growth mechanisms of these objects, as well as determining and controling their morphological, structural, and physical properties at the nanoscale and at the different interfaces involved. These investigations that are essentially fundamental generally address applicative issues in the fields of microelectronics, optoelectronics and energy, more particularly related to valence change memories, neuromorphic computing systems, self-powered UV photodetectors, nanostructured solar cells, piezoelectric nanogenerators and sensors, or even micro solid oxide fuel cells.


Research Lines

Our activity is divided in 4 research lines:

Nanolamellar & 2D Materials

  • MAX phases, ultra-thin films, 2D materials
  • MXenes: a new family of 2D electron systems obtained by MAX phase exfoliation.
  • More information here


Semiconducting nanowires & nanostructures

  • ZnO nanowires: spontaneous and selective area growths
  • Growth mechanisms and properties: doping, polarity, …
  • Core-shell heterostructures & semiconductors
  • More information here

Oxides for nanoionic devices

  • Perovskites and layered perovskite-related oxides in thin films grown by MOCVD
  • Valence change resistive switching
  • Properties of functional memristive devices
  • More information here

In situ/operando characterisation

  • Structural, chemical, and electrical characterization
  • X-ray diffraction & Raman spectroscopy
  • In situ investigation of the first step of the growth
  • More information here
More information about our research activity : Poster Nanomat 1 & Poster Nanomat 2

Technical support

Isabelle Gélard (Growth, SEM)
Serge Quessada (Chemistry)
Laetitia Rapenne (TEM)
Hervé Roussel (XRD)
Matthieu Weber (Growth, XPS)

Non permanent staff

Adrien Baillard (PhD)
Oumaima Daoudi (PhD)
Alexandre Dieulesaint (PhD)
Thoai-Khanh Khuu (PhD)
Alexandra Koroleva (PhD)
Lisa Legardinier (PhD)
Manuel Manrique (PhD)
Silvère Panisset (PhD)
Adeel Riaz (PhD)
Andy Séguret (PhD)
Aditya Sharma (PhD)
Marielena Velasco Enriquez (PhD)
Simon Vernier (PhD)
Quentin Villeger (PhD)

Alexander Stangl (Post-Doc)
Zonghao Shen (Post-Doc)



Last Publications

  • 16
    The paper entitled "Decoration of laser induced graphene with MXene and manganese oxide for fabrication of a hybrid supercapacitor" has been published in Electrochemical Acta
  • 03
    The paper entitled "High-performance novel asymmetric MXene@CNT//N-doped CNT flexible hybrid device with large working voltage for energy storage" has been published iJournal of Energy Storage
  • 03
    The paper entitled "Development of polymeric/MXenes composites towards 3D printable electronics" has been published in Composites Part B: Engineering
  • 18
    The article entitled "Relevance of alcoholic solvents in the growth of ZnO nanoparticles and ZnO hierarchical nanorod structures on their optical and opto-electrical properties" has been published in Nanotechnology.


Date of update November 23, 2023

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