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Oxides for Nanoionic Devices

The research line Oxides for Nanoionic Devices focuses on the design and optimization of oxide heterostructures for applications in the nanoionics field. In particular, we study ion conducting and mixed ionic-electronic conducting (MIEC) oxides for their use in several microtechnology applications, such as micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolysers (µ-SOCs), valence change memories (VCMs) and neuromorphic computing systems. We are specialized in the deposition of perovskites, layered perovskite-related oxides and fluorites by Pulsed Injection Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). Our main aim is to understand the relationship between the structural, physico-chemical and functional properties of single films and of engineered devices. In addition, we propose innovative ways of tuning the microstructure, ion transport, electrochemical and resistive switching properties of the materials to improve the performance of the final nanoionic device. For their characterization we combine the use of a large number of lab-based chemical, structural and electrochemical characterization techniques, with advanced in-situ and operando measurements in large-scale Synchrotron facilities.

Permanent Staff

Non permanent staff

5 selected publications

[5] K. Maas et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, in press (2019)
Using a Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductor to Build an Analog Memristive Device with Neuromorphic Programming Capabilities

[4] S. Bagdzevicius et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7, 7580 (2019)
Superposition of Interface and Volume Type Resistive Switching in Perovskite Nanoionic Devices

[3] B. Meunier et al. ACS Applied Electronic Materials 1, 675 (2019)
Microscopic Mechanisms of Local Interfacial Resistive Switching in LaMnO3+d

[2] R. Rodriguez-Lamas et al. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 10, 389 (2019)
Integration of LaMnO3+d Films on Platinized Silicon Substrates for Resistive Switching Applications by PI-MOCVD

[1] A.M. Saranya et al. Chemistry of Materials 30, 5621 (2018)
Unveiling the Oustanding Oxygen Mass Transport Properties of Mn-Rich Perovskites in Grain Boundary-Dominated La0.8Sr0.2(Mn1-xCox)0.85O3+d Nanostructures

Review articles

[2] D. Pla et al. Advanced Materials Interfaces 4, 1600974 (2017)
Engineering of Functional Manganites Grown by MOCVD for Miniaturized Devices

[1] S. Bagdzevicius et al. Journal of Electroceramics 39, 157 (2017)
Interface-Type Resistive Switching in Perovskite Materials


FET Proactive HARVESTORE (2018-2023, collaborator)
Type: FET Proactive call, H2020 European Project
Title: Energy Harvestorers for powering the internet of things
Partnership: IREC, CSIC, Worldsensing, and AEInnova (Spain), DTU (Denmark), IMEC (Belgium), TUW (Austria), Imperial College of London and Coventry University (UK), Horiba (France)

ANR MANGASWITCH (2018-2021, French coordinator)
Type: Research National Agency, bilateral international call
Title: Structure–property relations for manganite memristive devices
Partnership: RWTH Aachen University (Germany), FZ-Jülich (Germany)

ANR MICROSWITCH (2015-2019, coordinator)
Type: Research National Agency, "Hosting High-Level Researchers" instrument call
Title: Design of engineered oxide thin films for future micro- and nano-electronic devices


National & international collaborations

  • Dr. Quentin Rafhay, IMEP-LaHC, Grenoble
  • Dr. Olivier Renault, Dr. Eugenie Martinez, Dr. David Cooper, and Dr. Nicolas Chevallier, CEA-Leti, Grenoble
  • Dr. Caroline Pirovano and Prof. Rose-Noëlle Vannier, UCCS, Lille
  • Dr. Michel Mermoux, LEPMI, Grenoble

  • Prof. Roger A. De Souza, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Prof. Regina Dittmann, FZ-Jülich, Germany
  • Dr. José Santiso, ICN2, Barcelona, Spain
  • Prof. Albert Tarancón, IREC, Barcelona, Spain
  • Prof. Juergen Fleig, TU Wien, Austria
  • Dr. Ainara Aguadero, Imperial College of London, United Kingdom

Date of update January 8, 2021

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