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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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Internship Proposals 2015/2016

Intership proposed in 2015:

SUBJET (Click to download the offer) Supervisor
Study of the deposition condition of Vanadium oxide thin films as key material for the next generation communication network (offer provided) J. L. Deschanvres
Crystal growth and physical properties of nano-lamellar carbides (offer provided) T. Ouisse
Innovative Transparent Electromagnetic Shielding & Antennas based on silver nanowire networks (offer provided) D. Bellet
Unravelling the physiological role of ERM proteins using biomimetic lipid membranes (offer provided) C. Picart
Engineering of human muscle microtissues (offer provided) T. Boudou
BioActiveCoatings: Automated deposition of thin films in multi-well plates for cell culture studies T. Boudou
Effect of (LK)nL peptides on Insulin aggregation kinetics M. Weidenhaupt
Probing Protein Stability at Interfaces(offer provided) M. Weidenhaupt
Transparent heaters based on Ag nanowire networks: from fundamental aspects to integration in device(offer provided) D. Bellet
Study of efficient transparent electrodes with varying haziness for energy applications (offer provided) D. Bellet
ZnO nanonet fabrication for electrical sensing (offer provided) V. Stambouli
Development of an innovative washing method combining Macro and micro-magnetic fields. Application to immunoassays (offer provided) P. Kauffmann
Development of a no-wash immuno-assay combining magnetic nanoparticles and micro-magnet arrays (offer provided) P. Kauffmann
Dispositif chauffant, transparent et flexible à base de réseaux de nanofils métalliques : mise au point, étude et intégration. (offer provided) D. Bellet
Characterization of natural adhesive proteins for the design of a surgical glue. (offer provided) Ch.Vendrely

Date of update September 30, 2016

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