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First ERC BIOMIM MEETING : At the Frontier between Materials and Biology

BIOMIM Meeting 2013 grenoble

Overall review

This first workshop aimed to review the ongoing work within the ERC BIOMIM and to expand the scope of the debate by inviting people outside the ERC project. It was very successful.

We brought together researchers working on multidisciplinary topics, at the interface of materials science, cell biology and nano and microtechnology.
It covers both the development of new multifunctional materials and their applications to understand cellular processes, from the initial adhesion of cells to their migration and differentiation.

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62 participants to this 1st BIOMIM meeting
  • about half of them were young researchers (5 Post-docs, 22 PhD students & 5 trainees)
  • more than 75% presented their work : 12 invited lectures, 9 oral presentations and 29 posters with a "flash presentation" (less than one minute) to introduce their poster to the audience.

30 participants only for NAMICEB
The BIOMIM ended with the 6th Workshop "Nano and Micro Environments for Cell Biology" (NAMICEB) organized by the Nanosciences Foundation

Prize for the Best Poster

At the end of the NAMICEB workshop, the Nanosciences Foundation awarded 4 prizes for the best poster :

  • Best Poster Prize-NAMICEB-2013-0412 Clarisse BENOIT (Laboratoire des technologies de le Microélectronique / LTM - Grenoble)
  • Elisa MIGLIORNI (Département de Chimie Moléculaire /DCM - Grenoble)
  • Anastassia KARAGEORGIS (Albert Bonniot Institute - Grenoble)
  • Jorge ALMODOVAR (Matrerials & Physical Engineering Lab. / LMGP - Grenoble)

Congratulations to all the winners



Date of update September 25, 2018

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