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Technical Ressources

 In june 2012, an AFM Biocatalyst from Bruker, mounted on a Zeiss Axiovert inverted microscope, has been installed in our lab. This equipment has been fully purchased on the ERC StG grant. It is dedicated to the study of thin films, biopolymers and cells in liquid. Imaging and spectroscopy can be done.

In july 2011, a Confocal microscope - ZEISS LSM 700 has been installed in our lab. This equipment has been purchased on the ERC StG grant. It is dedicated to the study of cell/material interfaces.

Beside the equipment of our lab listed below, we have access to facilities located in various sites in Grenoble, including Albert Bonniot Institute on the Medical Campus, and to the following facilities of the MINATEC Campus :

- ESEM FEG Quanta 250 - (FEI) at the CMTC plateform in MINATEC :

- Biochemical preparation, Berthold microplate reader (luminescence), Microgrid robot... at the Biotech platform of the CIME Nanotech in MINATEC

Equipments available in our laboratory

Cell Culture Laminar
 flow hoods

Sterile environment (ATCC type I approved)Eukaryotic cells (Myoblasts, Pre-osteoblasts, Cancer cells...)Bacterial culture (E.Coli)Amoeba culture (Dictyostelium discoideum)

Inverted microscope (Zeiss Axiovert 200)

Living cell imaging
Phase contrast and fluorescence imaging

Confocal microscope - ZEISS LSM 700

Mounted on an inverted Zeiss Axiovert D1 microscope
Three dimensional cell and biomaterials imaging
Time lapse experiments
Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching
Mosaic imaging reconstruction

Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Qsense QCM-D E300

Viscoelastic properties of thin films in liquid
Characterization of the formation of self-assembled films
Adsorption of biomolecules on surfaces

Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectrometer - Bruker Optics Vertex 70
Secondary structure of proteins and polypeptides in solution or dry state
Equipped with various accessories :
- Attenuated total reflection
- Transmission
- AquaSpec cell

Contact angle measurements - Krüss DSA 10MKZ

Measurement of contact angles
Determination of surface free energy


Contact us

Professor Catherine PICART

Postal address
LMGP (Grenoble INP & CNRS, UMR 5628),
Grenoble INP - Minatec
3 parvis Louis Néel
38016 GRENOBLE Cedex1

Web site : http://www.lmgp.grenoble-inp.fr/

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