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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...



Important deadlines

March 21, 2013 :
  • Deadline for abstracts submission
    Please, see abstract submission guidelines.
  • Deadline for early registration      
March 25, 2013 :
  • Notification of acceptance
    Authors will be notified about the acceptance of their poster presentation.

Registration Fee *

Early registration,
before March
21, 2013

 Students & Post-docs    80 euros
 All other scientists  150 euros
(*) including welcome buffet, coffee breaks, lunch & conference dinner


Late registration,
before April
12, 2013 (**)

 Students & Post-docs  120 euros
 All other scientists  200 euros
(**) On-site registration is possible only with immediate payment by credit card

Inscription procedure

Registration is a two-step procedure :

1/ Pre-registration  :
This first step allows you to provide some basic information.
You can fill in the requested form either in French or in English after reading the following advices :
  • In 1st block "Personal & Professional Information",
    please, identify yourself in the field "Vous êtes/You are" (ATTENTION : here, the mysterious category "Posteur/Writer" is dedicated to Postdocs !!).
    We need your professional address (Lab, Company, ...)
  • In block 2 "Enter your organization",
    please indicate precisely the name of your lab and affiliation.
    The requested "Contact name" is the name of the person who will pay or pass the order of payment (administrative person of your laboratory we can contact if necessary).
LINKS to REGISTER :After validation of your pre-registration, you must wait for an e-mail giving you instructions to register. (Not automatic, thus, it may take a day).

  2/ Registration
 The email
you will receive gives you a LINK to complete your registration in ... 6 steps! Then just follow the guide.

In the PAYMENT section, please indicate the name of the PERSON who will be in charge of your payment (if not you)

Please, note that the fee (early or late) will be automatically calculated (step 4).

There are 2 possibilities for the payment : 1) credit card payment or 2) "transfer" payment; in this case a "
bon de commande / purchase order" will be sent to the  administrative person who is mandatory.

In case of difficulties to fill the form, please contact directly :
Colette Lartigue
Phone:  (33) 4 56 52 93 24

Date of update September 25, 2018

Université Grenoble Alpes