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2nd ERC BIOMIM MEETING 2015 : At the Frontier between Materials and Biology



 "Natural and biomimetic materials :
from biophysical studies to application in tissue engineering"

The 2nd ERC Biomim meeting workshop aims to bring together researchers working on multidisciplinary topics, at the interface of materials science, microtechnologies, cell biology and biochemistry.

Place : Phelma-Minatec, Grenoble

Dates : from Wednesday March 11th (2 pm) until Friday March 13th (4 pm).

 Wednesday March 11th will be common with the 8th Namiceb workshop of the Nanoscience foundation.

 The meeting will be consists of  :
- 15 plenary talks (35 min including questions)
- 4 short talks (20 min) selected from submitted abstracts
- 3 short talks by the students working on the ERC Biomim project
- 2 poster sessions (2 h)

We expect between 60 and 100 participants