LMGP Rubrique Recherche FM2N CJ

Nanowires, thin films & heterostructures as building blocks for next generation functional devices

We synthesize high quality functional thin films and nanomaterials as building blocks for devices such as 3rd generation photovoltaics and also for information and communication technology components. We use a chemical approach, with MOCVD as the key expertise of our lab. Other techniques are also used such as Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD), Hydrothermal Synthesis (HS), ElectroDeposition (ED) and the novel Spatial ALD technique (SALD). The objective is to understand the chemical mechanisms taking place during growth in order to gain the required knowledge allowing the fabrication tailor-made nanomaterials.

Investigations are conducted following
3 research lines :

ZnO Nanowires & Heterostructures

Luminescent Materials

Advanced Functional Materials