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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
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Luminescent Materials

The deposition of high-quality luminescent thin films based on rare earth doped oxide or fluoride matrixes Y2O3, TiO2, YF3. They are of interest in two types of applications:
  • as light amplifier media,
  • as up- or down conversion layer for solar cells.
  • E. Payrer (PhD student)
  • S. Battiatto (visiting PhD student)
  • LPCML, Lyon (France), Prof. B. Moine
  • IRCP, Paris (France), Dr. A. L. Joudrier
  • IST Lisbonne (Portugal), Prof. R. Almeida
  • Univ. of Catania (Italy), Prof. G. Malandrino


Modification of the solar spectrum by photon conversion (known as up- and down- conversion) represents an attractive alternative to increase the performance of different types of solar cells.
In an original approach, we have used fluoride matrixes, as opposed to the more traditional ones based on oxides, which have shown poor absorption and transfer efficiency. We have thus been the first ones to develop the synthesis of YF3 codoped with Er and Yb by MOCVD. This has led to an increase by a factor of 100 of the mean lifetime of the green or red Erbium ion transitions, as compared to Y2O3 matrix.

Up-conversion intensity, after an excitation at 972nm, of green and red emission of Er vs Yb concentration in Yb,Er:YF3 thin films.

Team (Permanent Staff)


  • AdESIL 2008/2011 - Cluster de Recherche ENERGIES Rhône-Alpes
  • MultiPhot-PV - ANR HABISOL 2010/2013
  • MACSiPV - Institut Carnot Energies du futur - 2008 /2010

Main publications

E.L. Payrer, R.M. Almeida, C. Jiménez, P.D. Szkutnik and J.L. Deschanvres,
Growth of lanthanide-doped YF3 thin films by pulsed liquid injection MOCVD: Influence of deposition parameters on film microstructure, Surface & Coatings Technology, 2013. 230: p. 22-27(10.1016/j.surfcoat.2013.06.099).

Rached Salhi and Jean-Luc. Deschanvres
 “Efficient upconversion in Er3+ doped Y2O3/Si thin film deposited by aerosol UV-assisted MOCVD process
Journal of Luminescence, 170 (2016) 231-239,

R. Elleuch, R. Salhi, J.-L. Deschanvres, R. Maalej
“Highly efficient NIR to visible upconversion in a ZnO:Er,Yb thin film deposited by a AACVD atmospheric pressure process”

RSC ADVANCES, 74 Vol 5 (2015) Pages: 60246-60253,

Date of update January 26, 2017

Université Grenoble Alpes