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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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Understanding the growth of oxide thin films and nanostructures

  • To visualize the early stage of growth by MOCVD or ALD and the evolution of nanostructures, in situ, with multiprobe techniques, including synchrotron radiation based techniques.
  • To construct functional oxide materials from the atom up.

  • SIMaP, Grenoble (France) - Dr. R. Boichot, Dr. E. Blanquet & A. Crisci
  • IM2NP, Marseille (France) - Dr. M.-I. Richard, Dr. T. Ouled Khachroum & Dr. O. Thomas
  • Synchrotron SOLEIL, St Aubin (France) - Dr. G. Ciatto & N. Aubert
  • LMOPS, Metz (France) - Dr. S. Margueron
  • Argonne National Laboratory - Dr. D. Fong


“SIRIUS: A new beamline for in situ X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy studies of advanced materials and nanostructures at the SOLEIL Synchrotron”
G. Ciatto, M.H. Chu, P. Fontaine , N. Aubert , H. Renevier, J.L. Deschanvres.
Thin Solid Films 617 (2016) 48–54,

“An Atomistic View of the Incipient Growth of Zinc Oxide Nanolayers”,
Manh Hung Chu, Liang Tian, Ahmad Chaker, Valentina Cantelli, Toufik Ouled, Raphaël Boichot, Alexandre Crisci, Sabine Lay, Marie-Ingrid Richard, Olivier Thomas, Jean-Luc Deschanvres, Hubert Renevier, Dillon D. Fong, and Gianluca Ciatto

Crystal growth & design, 16 - 9 (2016) 5339-5348,

 “Evolution of crystal structure during the initial stages of ZnO Atomic Layer Deposition

R. Boichot, L. Tian, M.-I. Richard, A. Crisci, A. Chaker, V. Cantelli, S. Coindeau, S. Lay, T. Ouled, C. Guichet, M. H. Chu, N. Aubert, G. Ciatto, E. Blanquet, O. Thomas, J.-L. Deschanvres, D. D. Fong, and H. Renevier.
Chemistry of Materials, 28 – 2 (2016) 592-600,

Permanent staff

Hubert Renevier
Jean-Luc Deschanvres

  • Evgeni Skopin
  • D. Fong (Visiting scientist)



One of the main instrumental achievement is the MOON reactor, a unique instrument which can be used in-house as a CVD or ALD reactor and also coupled to the SOLEIL synchrotron (St Aubin, France) to perform in situ growth studies including diffraction, fluorescence, substrate curvature, absorption and Raman spectrospcopies.
It is in operation since the beginning of 2014.
Initial efforts are being focused on the synthesis of ZnO nanowires by ALD as a model system.
ALD reactor (MOON) installed at beamline SIRIUS (SOLEIL, St Aubin).
Inset: kSA MOS for optical measurement of substrate curvature during growth

Date of update January 26, 2017

Université Grenoble Alpes