Publication 2023 T. Ouisse et H. Pazniak

L'article intitulé "Decoration of laser induced graphene with MXene and manganese oxide for fabrication of a hybrid supercapacitor" a été publié dans Electrochemical Acta
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Ici vous trouverez l'article de Thierry Ouisse et Hanna Pazniak
"During the last years, Internet of Things has become a prominent topic of technical, social, and economic importance. One of the main consequences is the high demand for energy and power density from small energy storage devices. In this field the laser induced graphene (LIG) has become a promising material to produce flexible micro-supercapacitors. The issue with this material is that the performances are strongly restrained by its limited surface area and the relatively low conductivity. In this work we improve the performance of a LIG supercapacitor by decorating its surface through electrophoresis: one electrode will be decorated with metal nitrides and metal carbides (MXenes), the other with manganese oxide. These two materials have appreciable conductivity and pseudocapacitance. Electrochemical measurements have been carried out on the two electrodes separately. After a charge balancing, the device has been sealed in pouch and tested."