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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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Sol-Gel Process

To formulate sols leading to the deposition of functional thin films


Polymeric sols are formulated to produce hybrid organic/inorganic or all-inorganic photoresists for optical applications. Hybrid photoresists rely on the photo-polymerization of organic radicals (epoxy, methacrylate), while all-inorganic photoresists are based on the photolytic decomposition of alkoxo-chelate complexes.
For instance, TiO2 submicronic diffraction gratings are studied for photovoltaic, thermo-solar, LED lighting, or smart window applications in outdoor atmosphere, which take advantage of the high refractive index and self-cleaning functionality of a titanium oxide thin film.

Submicronic TiO2 diffraction gratings written by “in fly” interferometric lithography on all-inorganic photoresist

Main publications

S. Briche, D. Riassetto, C. Gastaldin, C. Lamarle, O. Dellea, D. Jamon, E. Pernot, M. Labeau, G. Ravel, M. Langlet,
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S. Briche, Z. Tebby, D. Riassetto, M. Messaoud, E. Gamet, E. Pernot, H. Roussel, O. Dellea, Y. Jourlin, M. Langlet,
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V. Gâté , G. Bernaud, C. Veillas, A. Cazier, F. Vocanson, Y. Jourlin, M. Langlet,
Fast dynamic interferometric lithography for large sub-micrometric period diffraction gratings production, Opt. Eng., 52(9) (2013) 091712.

V. Gâté, Y. Jourlin, F. Vocanson, O. Dellea, G. Vercasson, S. Reynaud, D. Riassetto, M. Langlet,
Sub-micrometric patterns written using a DIL method coupled to a TiO2 photo-resist, Opt. Mater., 35 (2013) 1706.

Date of update February 13, 2015

Université Grenoble Alpes