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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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To exploit the functionalities of metal nanoparticles (NPs) formed in solution.


Photochemistry approaches based on photolytic or photocatalytic reduction mechanisms in solution lead to fine and well calibrated metal NPs.
For instance, liquid suspensions of platinum metal NPs have been dispersed on sol-gel derived TiO2 thin films to enhance by a factor 4 the film photocatalytic activity through Schottky barrier effects.
Silver metal NPs have also been directly grown on sol-gel derived TiO2 films to propose SERS substrates. The controlled aggregation of Ag° NPs leads to “hot spot” enabling a uniform SERS detection of model analytes on large millimetre scale areas ...

Ag° NPs aggregated on the surface of a TiO2 film and derived SERS spectra of Rhodamine 6G measured in different places of a 3 x 4 mm² area

Main publications

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Date of update February 13, 2015

Université Grenoble Alpes