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Development of chemical deposition methods

Chemical deposition methods for material synthesis are a core expertise of the LMGP. The FM2N team, in particular, focuses on Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD), Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (AACVD), Sol gel, Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD), and, more recently, Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD).

Our aim is developing low cost, scalable chemical methods for the fabrication of high quality functional materials. In this frame, we design our own reactors and combine different techniques to adapt methods to the functional objective.


Equipments and process developments

The lab has a strong expertise in the development of experimental instruments. It started, back in 1993, with the invention and patenting of the MOCVD precursor injection system,  which is currently licensed and commercialized.
Over the years the laboratory has developed 6 MOCVD reactors with different specifications (reactor geometry, reaction temperature, atmosphere and precursor supply i.e. aerosol, injection, …), for the deposition and study of functional oxides, nitrides, fluorides and metals. Our activity concerns as well the evaluation of precursors for MOCVD and their influence on functional properties of the different materials deposited.

The deposition of high-quality materials at low temperatures
(i.e. low thermal budget) is addressed by the implementation of plasma and UV irradiation in two additional MOCVD reactors designed by the team, or by developing innovative solutions such as atmospheric Spatial ALD.

Large area deposition is achieved with the MC200 (Annealsys), where substrates of up to 200 mm in diameter can be coated. The battery of large area deposition tools is completed by spray pyrolysis, low temperature spray deposition and sol-gel apparatus.
Plasma Assisted Aerosol Chemical Vapor Deposition reactor developed at LMGP

Main publications

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S. Guillemin, V. Consonni, E. Appert, E. Puyoo, L. Rapenne and H. Roussel,
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Date of update February 16, 2015

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