Publication d'Hanna Pazniak

L'article intitulé "Electronic and thermal properties of Nb2CCl2 MXenes" a été publié dans Open Ceramics.
Ici vous trouverez l'article d'Hanna Pazniak :
"The molten salt synthesis has recently opened up new opportunities to functionalize two-dimensional MXenes with uniform halogen terminations. In this work, we synthesize Nb2CCl2 MXenes by etching the Al layer from the Nb2AlC precursor in the melt of CuCl2 Lewis acid. In Cl-terminated MXenes, intercalation of water is negligible, so that MXenes get closer to ideal, ordered van der Waals solids. We identify the preferential atomic stacking arrangement, which is of the AB type, as opposed to the AA stack assumed in previous works. We combine X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy with density functional theory to clarify the local chemical environment of Cl atoms. Using vibrating sample magnetometry and specific heat measurements, we confirm that Nb2CCl2 MXenes are superconducting with a transition temperature of 6.0 K and find a Debye temperature of 320 K. We further show that the transition temperature slightly decreases with applied isostatic pressure."