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Synthèse et propriétés de monocristaux, de poudres, films minces ou hétérostructures

Etudes à l'interface avec la matière biologique

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Nanostructured materials for label-free biosensing


We develop highly stable semiconductors as an alternative to the usual Si substrate for label-free field effect based DNA detection, such as SnO2 vertical nanowire forests, SiC nanowire field effect transistor (NWFET) and networks of randomly oriented Si and ZnO nanowires.
We have also investigated the specific electrochemical signal of bacteria and we are currently coupling electrochemical detection and magnetic capture. (more info).


Plasmonic detection of label free DNA immobilized on Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) substrate is a challenge in terms of reproducibility and reliability of spectra. Among several important experimental parameters, the morphology of the metal nanoparticles is crucial. (more info).

Date of update March 11, 2015

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