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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
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Electrical and electrochemical detection


1/ For label-free field effect based DNA detection, we develop highly stable semiconductors as an alternative to the usual Si substrate. Our expertise in elaboration and functionalization of materials enables us to produce semiconductive nanostructures with a high surface/volume ratio to enhance the biosensor sensitivity. Typicallly :
  • SnO2 vertical nanowire forests and  nanoporous films,
  • SiC nanowire field effect transistor (NWFET),
  • Nanonets : network of randomly oriented Si and ZnO nanowires

2/ Direct detection of bacteria is a challenge. We have investigated the specific electrochemical signal of bacteria (E. coli K12 strains) incubated in anaerobic condition on biased ITO film.

3/ Coupling the electrochemical detection with magnetic capture
Micromagnets are combined with nanoparticles and surface electrodes to develop rapid and portable diagnostic sensors.

SnO2 nanowires Conductive functionnalized
SiC Nanowires
E. coli on ITO PDMS with embedded micro-magnet array


Group Members

   Uyen Phuong N’Guyen (PhD student).
   Minh Hai Le (PhD student).
   Louis Fradetal (PhD student).
   Thomas Demes (PhD student)
   Guillaume Blaire (PhD student)

Selected Publications

First experimental functionalization results of SiC nanopillars for biosensing applications.
Fradetal L, Stambouli V, Bano E, Pelissier B, Wierzbowska K, Choi JH, Latu-Romain L.
Materials Science Forum. 2013.
Fabrication of silicon nanowire networks for biological sensing. 
Serre P, Ternon C, Stambouli V, Periwal P, Baron T.
Sensors and Actuators. 2013.
Hybrid Bio-Mag-MEMS combining magnetophoresis and dielectrophoresis.
Blaire G, Masse A, Zanini LF, Gaude V, Delshadi S, Honegger T, Peyrade D, Weidenhaupt M, Dumas-Bouchiat F, Bruckert F, Cugat O, Reyne G.
Eur. Phys. J. B. 2013.
Bio-functionalization of Silicon Carbide nanostructures for SiC nanowire-based sensors realization.
Fradetal L, Stambouli V, Bano E, Pelissier B, Choi JH, Ollivier M, Latu-Romain L, Boudou T, Pignot-Paintrand I.
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Anodic deposit from respiration metabolic pathway of Escherichia coli.
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Electrochimica Acta. 2014.

Date of update March 11, 2015

Université Grenoble Alpes