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Internship Proposals / Offres de stages

Every year, the lab hosts many students (PFE, Master Degree, Licence, DUT / IUT) for an internship, usually experimental, in fields ranging from physics to nano-bio-sciences.
See subjects of intenships carried during previous years (Link in the inset below).


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Interships of previous years

Subjects :

Offers for the academic year are published progressively below.

Master M1 / M2/ PFE Internship offers 2023-2024*

SUJET (Clicf to download the offer) Supervisors
Adhesive proteins and surfaces Charlotte Vendrely
Protein adsorption on inorganic material surfaces Marianne Weidenhaupt
Study of protein adsorption on surfaces by means of an integrated photonic sensors Charlotte Vendrely
Synthesis of metal chalcogenides by Atomic Layer Deposition/Molecular Layer Deposition (offer provided) Hubert Renevier
Investigating antibody-surfactant competition on medical surfaces using FTIR Franz Bruckert
Role of peptide-insulin nanoparticles in insulin aggregation on hydrophobic surfaces (offer provided) Marianne Weidenhaupt
In situ Raman studies on oxygen electrode materials for solid oxide cells (SOCs) (offer provided) Zonghao Shen
Monica Burriel
Development of ZnO nanonet based devices in view of interfacing with insect biomaterials for electronic nose application Céline Ternon
Study of electrochemical properties of 2-dimensional transition metal carbides (MXENES) Hanna Pazniak
Thierry Ouisse
Analysis of the efficiency of La2NiO4 memristive devices for bio-inspired learning Monica Burriel
Ioana Vatajelu
Céline Ternon
Advanced nanocomposite materials as transparent and flexible P type semiconductor coatings Jean-Luc Deschanvres
Frederique Ducroquet
Effects of thin coating on their properties, stability and integration into efficient energy applications (lowemissivity, electrochromic and solar cells) Daniel Bellet