Publication by Raquel Rodriguez-Lamas from the Nanoionics Team

The article entitled "Non-Volatile Bipolar TiN/LaMnO3/Pt Memristors with Optimized Performance" has been published in Materials Today Electronics.
Here you will find the article by Raquel Rodriguez-Lamas from the Nanoionics Team:
"LaMnO3+δ (LMO) perovskite is a very interesting candidate for Valence Change Memories due to its flexible stoichiometry, accommodated through the Mn+3/Mn+4 equilibrium, at the origin of significant resistivity changes. Here, the successful combination of a LMO layer, with a top active TiN electrode and a bottom inert Pt electrode, is presented. The manganite layer is integrated on silicon-based substrates in the form of a polycrystalline film. By comparing the memristive behavior of these TiN/LMO/Pt devices with Au/LMO/Pt devices prepared on the same film, the essential role of the active oxygen electrode is put in evidence. TiN/LMO/Pt memristive devices show optimized performance, operating in both sweep and pulse mode, with the capability of cycling more than a hundred times and showing good retention. Furthermore, a simple phenomenological model describing the memristive behavior of the devices is also presented."