Publication by Quang Chieu Bui from the NNS Team

The article entitled "Correlation between the Dimensions and Piezoelectric Properties of ZnO Nanowires Grown by PLI-MOCVD with Different Flow Rates" has been published in Nanoenergy Advances.
Here you will find the article by Quang Chieu Bui from the NNS Team:
"Zinc oxide nanowires (ZnO NWs) have gained considerable attention in the field of piezoelectricity in the past two decades. However, the impact of growth-process conditions on their dimensions and polarity, as well as the piezoelectric properties, has not been fully explored, specifically when using pulsed-liquid injection metal–organic chemical vapor deposition (PLI-MOCVD). In this study, we investigate the influence of the O2 gas and DEZn solution flow rates on the formation process of ZnO NWs and their related piezoelectric properties. While the length and diameter of ZnO NWs were varied by adjusting the flow-rate conditions through different growth regimes limited either by the O2 gas or DEZn reactants, their polarity was consistently Zn-polar, as revealed by piezoresponse force microscopy. Moreover, the piezoelectric coefficient of ZnO NWs exhibits a strong correlation with their length and diameter. The highest mean piezoelectric coefficient of 3.7 pm/V was measured on the ZnO NW array with the length above 800 nm and the diameter below 65 nm. These results demonstrate the ability of the PLI-MOCVD system to modify the dimensions of ZnO NWs, as well as their piezoelectric properties."