Publication by Guislain Hector from NNS Team

The article entitled "Chemical Bath Deposition of ZnO/ZnGa2O4 Core–Shell Nanowire Heterostructures Using Partial Chemical Conversion" has been published in Nanomaterials.
Here you will find the article by Guislain Hector from NNS Team:
"The development of innovative heterostructures made of ZnO nanowires is of great interest for enhancing the performances of many devices in the fields of optoelectronics, photovoltaics, and energy harvesting. We report an original fabrication process to form ZnO/ZnGa2O4 core–shell nanowire heterostructures in the framework of the wet chemistry techniques. The process involves the partial chemical conversion of ZnO nanowires grown via chemical bath deposition into ZnO/ZnGa2O4 core–shell nanowire heterostructures with a high interface quality following their immersion in an aqueous solution containing gallium nitrate heated at a low temperature. The double-step process describing the partial chemical conversion relies on successive dissolution and reaction mechanisms. The present finding offers the possibility to fabricate ZnO/ZnGa2O4 core–shell nanowire heterostructures at low temperatures and over a wide variety of substrates with a large surface area, which is attractive for nanostructured solar cells, deep-UV photodetectors, and piezoelectric devices."