Joint paper by the SALD & TCM axes in collaboration with the Nanomat team

The paper "Planar and Transparent Memristive Devices Based on Titanium Oxide Coated Silver Nanowire Networks with Tunable Switching Voltage" has been published in Small.
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Here you will find the paper form the SALD and TCM axex in collaboration with the Nanoionics team
"Threshold switching devices are fundamental active elements in more than Moore approaches, integrating the new generation of non‐volatile memory devices. Here, the authors report an in‐plane threshold resistive switching device with an on/off ratio above 106, a low resistance state of 10 to 100 kΩ and a high resistance state of 10 to 100 GΩ. Our devices are based on nanocomposites of silver nanowire networks and titanium oxide, where volatile unipolar threshold switching takes place across the gap left by partially spheroidized nanowires. Device reversibility depends on the titanium oxide thickness, while nanowire network density determines the threshold voltage, which can reach as low as 0.16 V. The switching mechanism is explained through percolation between metal–semiconductor islands, in a combined tunneling conduction mechanism, followed by a Schottky emission generated via Joule heating. The devices are prepared by low‐cost, atmospheric pressure, and scalable techniques, enabling their application in printable, flexible, and transparent electronics."