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L'article intitulé "Study and Optimization of a Micro-Structured Waveguiding and Fluorescent Sol-Gel Architecture" a été publié dans Molecules
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"Channel waveguides with diffraction gratings at their input and output for light injection and extraction, respectively, constitute the key components for applications in integrated optics and photonics. Here, we report for the first time on such fluorescent micro-structured architecture entirely elaborated on glass by sol-gel processing. This architecture particularly takes advantage of a high-refractive index and transparent titanium oxide-based, sol-gel photoresist that can be imprinted through a single photolithography step. This resist enabled us to photo-imprint the input and output gratings on a photo-imprinted channel waveguide doped with a ruthenium complex fluorophore (Rudpp). In this paper, the elaboration conditions and optical characterizations of derived architectures are presented and discussed with respect to optical simulations. We firstly show how the optimization of a two-step deposition/insolation sol-gel procedure leads to reproducible and uniform grating/waveguide architectures elaborated on rather large dimensions. Then, we show how this reproducibility and uniformity govern the reliability of fluorescence measurements in waveguiding configuration. These measurements demonstrate that: (i) our sol-gel architecture is well adapted to the efficient channel–waveguide/diffraction grating coupling at the Rudpp excitation and emission wavelengths; (ii) it enables an efficient propagation of the emission signal in the core of the waveguide allowing its photo-detection after extraction through the output grating; and (iii) it is affected by very reduced parasitic mechanisms, such as propagation losses and photobleaching features. This work constitutes a promising preliminary step toward the integration of our architecture in a microfluidic platform for further fluorescence measurements in liquid medium and waveguiding configuration. "