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L'article intitulé "Dimensional Roadmap for Maximizing the Piezoelectrical Response of ZnO Nanowire-Based Transducers: Impact of Growth Method" a été publié dans Nanomaterials.
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"ZnO nanowires are excellent candidates for energy harvesters, mechanical sensors, piezotronic and piezophototronic devices. The key parameters governing the general performance of the integrated devices include the dimensions of the ZnO nanowires used, their doping level, and surface trap density. However, although the method used to grow these nanowires has a strong impact on these parameters, its influence on the performance of the devices has been neither elucidated nor optimized yet. In this paper, we implement numerical simulations based on the finite element method combining the mechanical, piezoelectric, and semiconducting characteristic of the devices to reveal the influence of the growth method of ZnO nanowires. The electrical response of vertically integrated piezoelectric nanogenerators (VING) based on ZnO nanowire arrays operating in compression mode is investigated in detail. The properties of ZnO nanowires grown by the most widely used methods are taken into account on the basis of a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the experimental data found in the literature. Our results show that the performance of VING devices should be drastically affected by growth method. Important optimization guidelines are found. In particular, the optimal nanowire radius that would lead to best device performance is deduced for each growth method."