Publication de S. Biswas 2017

Le papier "Structural study of TiO2 hierarchical microflowers grown by aerosol assisted MOCVD" a été publié dans CrystEngComm
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"TiO2 is a promising n-type semiconductor for optoelectronic devices, in particular dye sensitized and hybrid solar cells, and more recently for hybrid perovskite-based solar cells,as well as for lithium batteries. For these applications, TiO2 structures offering a high mesoporosity and surface area are especially interesting as it increases the efficiency of phenomena taking
place at the interfaces. We have used aerosol assisted metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (AA-MOCVD) to deposit TiO2 films containing hierharchical TiO2 microflowers. Both the film and the microflowers crystallize with the anatase strucrture. The microflowers have diameters of around 2-3 microns while the petals are only several nanometers thick.
The density of microflowers and of petals in each flower can be controlled by adjusting the deposition parameters. These microstructures are stable to high temperature annealing (950 °C). In this communication, we describe the synthesis of the microflowers and present the detailed study of their structural and morphological properties."

DOI: 10.1039/C6CE02648F