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L'article intitulé "Electronic interactions between graphene and cobaltite thin film La0.7Sr0.3CoO3 and its magnetic consequences" a été publié dans Surfaces and Interfaces.
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"We have successfully synthesized and transferred graphene (Gr) monolayers on top of epitaxial mixed valence La0.7Sr0.3CoO3 (LSCO) thin films. Raman spectroscopy reveals that Jahn-Teller (JT) modes associated with the oxygen octahedral distortions usually unobserved for bare LSCO are activated by the deposited graphene. The appearance of these JT modes in the Gr/LSCO heterostructure is attributed to the electronic interactions at the interface between the graphene and the LSCO thin film promoting intermediate spin states of the Co ions. As a result, the magnetic properties of LSCO are affected. Indeed, magnetization measurements show a phase transition at ~135 K which is due to the presence of the graphene while the ferromagnetic transition of bare LSCO films is observed at~200 K. This magnetic phase is confirmed by Raman spectroscopy measurements as a function of temperature revealing a vibrational transition around the same temperature."