Publication de G. Lefebvre et Rosa Alvarez-Palencia 2021

L'article intitulé "Surfactant Protection Efficacy at Surfaces Varies with the Nature of Hydrophobic Materials" a été publié dans Pharm Res.
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Ici vous trouverez l'article de Guillaume Lefebvre et Rosa Alvarez-Palencia
"Monoclonal antibodies are in contact with many different materials throughout their life cycle from production to patient administration. Plastic surfaces are
commonly found in single use bags, syringes, perfusion bags and tubing and their hydrophobic nature makes them particularly prone for adsorption of therapeutic proteins. The addition of surfactants in therapeutic formulations aims at minimizing surface and interface adsorption of the active molecules. However, their protection efficacy related to the nature of the plastic material is still poorly investigated.We show that Polysorbate 80 protects monoclonal antibodies significantly better from adsorptionon a polystyrene surface than on a hexadecane self-assembled monolayer, used as a model surface with similar hydrophobicity. This enhanced protective effect on polystyrene is observed for different antibodies and also other surfactants, and its extent depends on the surfactant concentration for a given antibody concentration. A comparative adsorption study allows ranking different in-use plastics and highlights the dependence of Polysorbate 80 protection efficacy on the nature of the plastic materia."