Publication de Dr M. Boudard 2017

Le papier "The Mean-Field Theory for the Study of the Magnetocaloric Effect of Nd0.67Ba0.33Mn0.98Fe0.02O3 Manganite" a été publié dans Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
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"In this paper, we exploit the mean-field theory and the Bean-Rodbell model to justify the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) on Nd0.67Ba0.33Mn0.98Fe0.02O3 manganite. The modeling of magnetic properties was investigated. The Bean-Rodbell equation of state leads the system to second-order ferromagnetic (FM)-paramagnetic (PM) phase transition. The expressions describing the magnetic entropy change under the influence of magnetic field have been derived. A large magnetic entropy has been observed in our sample with a peak centered on the Curie temperature. The theoretical calculations are compared with experimental behavior."