Publication de D. Muñoz-Rojas

L'article intitulé "Generating colours through a novel approach based on spatial ALD and laser processing" a été publié dans Materials Today Advances
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Ici vous trouverez l'article de l'équipe SALD en collaboration avec l'INMA à Saragosse, Espagne
"This work studies the combination of direct femtosecond laser structuring of metal surfaces and Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD) of metal oxides as a novel approach to generate colours on different types of day-to-day metallic objects. In particular, a stainless-steel knife and an outdated 25 ct Dutch florin coin have been selected for the study. Our results show that it is possible both, to preserve the iridescence properties produced by laser processing and to tune the final metal surface colour by controlling the thickness of the ZnO coating. At the same time, this oxide coating could act as a protecting layer for the original material. We thus explore two different strategies to generate colour, namely, iridescence and interference, which can be even developed selectively. This novel methodology to colour metallic surfaces is a promising route to achieve cheap, scalable, and high-throughput processing methods and opens up a new avenue of possibilities and applications related to colour."