Publication de A. Sekkat 2021

L'article intitulé "Open-Air, Low-Temperature Deposition of Phase Pure Cu2O Thin Films as Efficient Hole-Transporting Layers for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells" a été publié dans Journal of Materials Chemistry A.
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"Recent research focuses on finding alternative materials and fabrication techniques to replace traditional (p) and (n) doped hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) to reduce cost and boost the efficiency of Silicon Heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells. In this work, low-cost p-type Cu2O thin films have been investigated and integrated as a hole-transporting layer (HTL) in SHJ solar cells, using Atmospheric-Pressure Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (AP-SALD), an open-air, scalable ALD approach. Phase pure Cu2O thin films have been deposited at temperatures below the degradation limit of the SHJ, thus maintaining the passivation effect of the a-Si:H layer. The effect of deposition temperatures and HTL thicknesses on the performance of the devices has been evaluated. The fabricated Cu2O HTL-based SHJ cells, having an area of 9 cm², reach a power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 13.7%, which is the highest reported efficiency for silicon-based solar cells incorporating a Cu2O HTL."