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L'article intitulé "Interplay Effects in the Co-Doping of ZnO Nanowires with Al and Ga Using Chemical Bath Deposition" a été publié dans Inorganic Chemistry.
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"The simultaneous co-doping of ZnO nanowires grown by chemical bath deposition is of high interest for a large number of engineering devices, but the process conditions required and the resulting physicochemical processes are still largely unknown. Herein, we show that the simultaneous co-doping of ZnO nanowires with Al and Ga following the addition of Al(NO3)3 and Ga(NO3)3 in the chemical bath operates in a narrow range of conditions in the high-pH region, where the adsorption processes of respective Al(OH)4 and Ga(OH)4 complexes on the positively charged m-plane sidewalls are driven by attractive electrostatic forces. The structural morphology and properties of ZnO nanowires are significantly affected by the co-doping and mainly governed by the effect of Al(III) species. The incorporation processes of Al and Ga dopants are characterized by significant interplay effects, and the amount of incorporated Ga dopants into ZnO nanowires is found to be larger than the amount of incorporated Al dopants owing to energetic considerations. The Al and Ga dopants are located in the bulk of ZnO nanowires, but a part of Al and Ga lies on their surfaces, their incorporation processes in the bulk being enhanced by thermal annealing under oxygen atmosphere. Eventually, the Al and Ga dopants directly affect the incorporation of hydrogen-related defects, notably by annihilating the formation of VZn-nH defect complexes. These findings present an efficient strategy to proceed with the co-doping of ZnO nanowires grown by chemical bath deposition, opening perspectives to control their electronic structure properties with a higher precision."