Publication by Hubert Renevier

The article entitled "Short-Range Mechanisms in the Creation of a ZnO/InGaAs Interface" has been published in Crystal Growth & Design.
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Here you will find the article by Hubert Renevier:
"We perform quantitative analysis of the X-ray absorption data taken in situ during the earliest cycles of the ZnO atomic layer deposition on atomically flat InGaAs (001) surfaces. As deposition progresses, we observe a transition from an amorphous structure to a nanocrystalline one. The former retains much of the characteristics of a ZnO crystal in the Zn coordination shell, while the latter shows atomic ordering up to at least the third neighbor shell of Zn atoms, despite the absence of Bragg X-ray diffraction peaks. We show that the different chemical preparation of the substrate surface affects the ZnO local structure and that, counterintuitively, a stronger short-range order is obtained in the nanostructures characterized by lower local order at the interface. We propose a model that accounts for these findings."