Papier de David Muñoz-Rojas

Le papier "In-Flow MOF Lithography" a été publié dans Advanced Materials Technologies .
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"Continuous‐flow microfluidic systems are widely recognized as advanced and robust tools for materials synthesis. Indeed, the exquisite spatiotemporal control over reagent concentrations in a microfluidic channel has enabled the formation of composite materials and structures with unique features. Herein, we show for the first time that by combining reactive substrates with continuous‐flow microfluidic devices, material growth can be spatiotemporally driven and modulated on a surface. We demonstrate such unprecedented control by crystallizing and patterning compositional gradients of HKUST‐1 (a widely investigated metal‐organic framework (MOF)) on a reactive surface. We believe that this novel approach will engender new possibilities for incorporating MOFs on reactive surfaces, and thus for developing new advanced technological architectures and devices."