Nouvelle publication FM2N H. Renevier

Le papier "Evolution of Crystal Structure During the Initial Stages of ZnO Atomic Layer Deposition" a été publié dans International Chemistry of materials
Vous trouverez ici le papier de Hubert Renevier. Voici l'abstract:
"A complementary suite of in situ synchrotron X-ray techniques is used to investigate both structural and chemical evolution during ZnO growth by atomic layer deposition. Focusing on the first 10 cycles of growth, we observe that the structure formed during the coalescence stage largely determines the overall microstructure of the film. Furthermore, by comparing ZnO growth on silicon with a native oxide with that on Al2O3(001), we find that even with lattice-mismatched substrates and low deposition temperatures, the crystalline texture of the films is dependent strongly on the nature of the interfacial bonds."