Workshop MINOS

Le Workshop aura lieu le 20 et 21 Novembre 2016 à Grenoble. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes!
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The MINOS LabEx (MInatec NOvel devices Scaling Laboratory of Excellence), is an alliance of Grenoble based academic laboratories from CNRS, University Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble Institute of Technology and CEA/Leti. MINOS Lab enables transfer of know how and expertise generated in its laboratories with micro and nanoelectronics industrials partners. Patents and Joint Development Programs with OEM and Suppliers along with national and international collaborations through dedicated programs, are also some of the key ouput of MINOS

Comité d'Organisation

Olivier Demolliens, CEA/Leti
Thomas Ernst, CEA/Leti
Gérard Ghibaudo, Grenoble INP/IMEP
Franz Bruckert, Grenoble INP/LMGP
Ahmad Bsiesy, UGA
Thierry Baron, CNRS/LTM

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes!


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