LMGP seminar : Prof. Graziella MALANDRINO - From Molecules to functional nanostructures

Professor Graziella MALANDRINO
University of Catania
INSTM -UdR di Catania


The past few years have witnessed an exponential growth of activities in the synthesis of nanostructures and the bottom-up strategy represents the most used route to prepare these nanosystems. In this perspective, engineering of molecular architectures of metal ions will be related to coordination spheres/thermal properties of complexes and, consequently, to their applications in metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) processes or solution routes for the formation of nanosystems. These synthetic approaches have proven suitable for the fabrication of nanostructures going from metallic ones to the most complex multi-component oxides.

Infos lieu
2:00 pm - Salle de séminaires - 2nd étage