LMGP Séminaire : Arnaud Claudel - 24 mars 2015 - AlN epitaxial growth by HT-HVPE : from R&D to technology transfer

Fondation Nanosciences / LMGP


This seminar will be dedicated to the development and improvement of aluminum nitride (AlN) epitaxial growth by High Temperature Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy for applications in optoelectronics (UV LED) and electronics (SAW). AlN is a wide band-gap III-V semiconductor with outstanding intrinsic properties (Eg = 6.2 eV, high thermal conductivity, high electrical resistivity, stability in harsh environment …). Since its properties are very interesting for various applications, the different pathways to produce high quality AlN single crystals and epitaxial layers remain a strong scientific and technical challenge mostly due to the high temperatures and corrosive conditions used for the synthesis of this advanced material.

Infos lieu
02:00 pm - salle de séminaires -2nd étage