LMGP - rubrique Laboratoire - Minatec 2022

Internal Seminar: LMGP Brainstorming

At first, a brainstorming aims at generating as many creative ideas as possible, without any judgement. It is only in a second step, the ideas will be analyzed and evaluated.
LMGP brainstorming
organized by the LMGP directors.

Tout les personnels techniques et scientifiques sont encouragés à participer : étudiants, post-docs, visiteurs, .. /  Every one, technical or scientific staff, is encouraged to participate : student, post-doc, visitor, ...

  • To foster collaborations between research teams
  • To discuss about possible future research directions that could create a synergy of our competences in materials science and biomedical engineering
This prospective (forward-looking) half-day is open to all, Master and PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, visitor scientists, technicians, engineers and research scientists.


1:30  - Introduction, in French, an English translation will be prepared

2:00  - Discussions within the scientific teams in separate rooms. Technicians and engineers attend the session of their choice. The language will be English.

3:00  -  Pooling ideas and preparing discussion groups. The language will be English.


4:00  - Discussion in small groups (8-10 persons). Permanent and non-permanent from different teams will be mixed together. The language can be either French or English.

5:00  - Pooling ideas and conclusion of the meeting. The language will be French.

The different ideas proposed during the brainstorming will be further elaborated on, in small groups, later. The conclusions of the brainstorming will be presented at the next general lab meeting, to be held on May 15th, afternoon.

Infos date
Jeudi à 13h30 / Thursday at 1:30 pm / Room M252 Phelma Minatec
Infos lieu
Room M252
2nd floor - Grenoble INP - Phelma Minatec