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Colloque MINOS 2015

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The MINOS LabEx (MInatec NOvel devices Scaling LABoratory of Excellence), is an alliance of academic laboratories from CNRS, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble Institute of Technology and CEA/Leti, all located in Grenoble (France). MINOS LabEx creates strong and continuous links between a relevant basic scientific knowledge and the transfer of know-how to micro and nanoelectronics industrials partners. Since the basic research fields are broad, MINOS LabEx allows a high level of differentiation compared to competitors and thus provides key advances to industrial valorization. Patents and Joint Development Programs with OEM (such as STMicroelectronics for CMOS) and Suppliers (such as Applied Materials) along with national and international collaborations through dedicated programs, are the main indicators of the output of the MINOS LabEx. Moreover, publications, education of PhD and hiring of post-docs as well as cross-work with other technological French platforms (RENATECH network) allow the development of new materials and processes at the cutting-edge technology in silicon nanoelectronics. Extension of the results to other fields such as health and bio-applications is also expected.
In the framework of its valorization actions, the MINOS LabEx is organizing a Workshop at Minatec in Grenoble in order to highlight its latest technical results. Invited external and internal contributions will be presented in order to benchmark the results and to address the new challenges of the ever-growing silicon technology.
The objectives of the Workshop are:
  1. To present our latest advances in the field of CMOS, memory & Derivatives business to industrial partners (OEM, Suppliers…),
  2. To attract Start-ups thanks to the technological know-how built-up by our alliance,
  3. To hire PhDs and post-docs for the development of new materials and processes for nanoelectronics and applications in other fields such a as bio and health applications.Texte dynamique

Workshop organizing committee

Director :
Olivier Joubert, CNRS-LTM

Scientific committee :
Olivier Demolliens, CEA/Leti
Thomas Ernst, CEA/Leti
Gérard Ghibaudo, Grenoble INP/IMEP
Franz Bruckert, Grenoble INP/Phelma
Ahmad Bsiesy, UJF

Secretariat :
Sylvaine Cetra
Marielle Clot

Contact :
Daniel Bensahel

Infos lieu
Minatec (Grenoble) plus d'info sur http://www.labex-minos.com/