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Testimony of a post-doc fellow : Jérôme

After a PhD at "Arts & Métiers - ParisTech" and a post-doc at CEA-Grenoble LITEN, I entered a startup in 2011 to develop thin film solar photovoltaic modules by printing technique. Very rewarding experience, but with the global photovoltaic context, the adventure ended prematurely ... After that, I decided to return to academic research.

Through my network of contacts Grenoble, I joined the LMGP as a post-doc. The offer interested me for several reasons:
(i) an innovative subject regarding both nanomaterials & solar cells;
(ii) LMGP is a laboratory well established in this field, with many advanced research facilities and contacts;
(iii) LMGP is located in an highly scientific environment (CEA, CNRS, ESRF ...).
Arrived there more than 9 months, I like the LMGP working atmosphere, a young and dynamic team with students and PhD students. In addition, a large room for autonomy was left to me, which is essential for a post-doc if he wants to show its value.
(Jérôme Garnier - october 2013)

Date of update June 23, 2014

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